An ND Filter at the Beach

It’s been a sunny day in Pembrokeshire and we decided to go to the beach this afternoon. I took my camera with me and also shoved a 10-stop neutral density (ND) filter into my back pocket as I left. I just had the small, mirrorless camera with me but that was enough … I should have packed a tripod but decided to place the camera on rocks and just hope.

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A Blast from the Past

I’m not sure where I saw it but sometime in the last few months, when I was looking at photography sites on the internet, I saw that Polaroid had brought out a limited edition monochrome film. But instead of black and white, this film is shades of green. I’ve mentioned before that I love analogue photography so I bought some film and then thought about getting a camera later.
It promised to be a completely different way of making images to what I’d done before. The results aren’t perfect but I do like the experimental, randomness of the process.

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I was close … but could have done better

It was midsummer’s day and Helen and I decided to go and visit the waterfalls at Ffynone in North Pembrokeshire. This could well have been a foolhardy exercise as the Mabinogion (a collection of tales containing some of the ancient folklore and Celtic mythology of Wales) states that this very place is the entrance to the Otherworld: Annwfn. It was a lovely day with strong, dappled sunlight. We were there at about midday, when the sun was at its strongest.

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If you can shoot Tulips …

I love flash photography. Sure, I do enjoy setting the ISO, aperture and shutter speed when taking a photograph of a landscape, but what I really love is controlling the light on a more intimate subject as well. And you can’t beat tulips at this time of the year, they have a rounded similarity to the human form. Also tulip flowers have a subtle range of hues and colours, with simple, well-defined shapes to their leaves and petals.

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Friendly Fire at HaverHub

Last night there was a gig at our local community venue: HaverHub. The event was arranged by Tom and Becca from Dark Street Studios in Haverfordwest and the headliners were a band from Birmingham called Friendly Fire. I was there to take some photos. I’d worked on evening gigs at HaverHub in the past and discovered just how tricky it can be to shoot there. So this time I came prepared with two camera bodies and three lenses.

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