They Do It Better Than I Can

I was with my photography class this week and we were looking at long exposure images in order to show movement in an otherwise still image. We practised panning shots, with one person walking past, holding a flag (made from a softbox strut) and everyone else taking pictures.
Incidentally, we found that ⅙s (or thereabouts) in shutter priority mode gave the best results.

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Back to the Beach

It’s been a long, involved Christmas period and, thankfully, we’re starting to see the first indications of Spring. The Canada Geese are getting restless and I’ve even seen a primrose!
I will admit, I haven’t been taking as many photographs during this time. I’ve had a bug, I’ve enjoyed Christmas and even started salsa lessons! All of which have taken my time, but my classes have restarted and I have got back to enjoying using my camera again.

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Video – It’s all about the Story

Lately, I have been spending more time creating videos with my cameras than I have shooting still images. The rules, though, are the same: composition, aperture, shutter speed, ISO … and COMPOSITION!
I’m working with young people from Ysgol Harri Tudur to create some videos about a day in each of our lives, and I suppose it’s only fair that I start off with my life.

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Fun with a Fisheye Lens

Have you heard of Rona Mac or Dan Bettridge? What … you haven’t? Well straight after reading this you need to find out more about them and their wonderful music, and don’t be so ignorant in the future!
In the Spring of next year (2023) Rona and Dan are hoping to release some music together, along with a tour. But don’t take my word for it, find out more from their websites and social media. They wanted me to take some photos of them together on Newgale beach, and Dan specifically wanted me to use a fisheye lens. Well, he bought me a vegan sausage roll, so how could I refuse?

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Another Great Gig at HaverHub

OK, I’m biased here, I love HaverHub: the inclusive community space in the centre of Haverfordwest. And, yes, I’m a director. Last night there was a wonderful event with the fantastic Tankus the Henge, La Loba and Gabe is a Unit. As always, shooting was difficult, and for some strange reason they’d set the lights up for the benefit of the artists and audience alone, which I thought was inconsiderate to say the least.

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