A Short Post with Foreground Detail

In the last post I talked about going to Freshwater East; today we took a trip to Freshwater West which is an entirely different sort of beach but still has the same sandy issues as most of the rest of the Pembrokeshire coastline. Fresh West is a wonderful, windswept, stretch of sand. It is spectacular and favoured by surfers, fishermen and families in equal measure.

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Is it May Already?

It doesn’t seem that long since Christmas and this year seems to be flying by. This Sunday was the first day of a new month and we needed to get out after a prolonged spell of April showers.
Helen and I decided to go to Freshwater East expecting to see a lot of Bank Holiday crowds making the most of a dry day on this lovely, and accessible, beach. But when we got there it was very quiet.

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A walk above Newgale

Newgale beach is lovely. It’s a long, sandy expanse with a beautiful horizon and lots of little places to settle down and enjoy a picnic. It’s a nice place for families to enjoy the waves lapping up to the sand and it’s easy to get to. But today Helen and I took our cameras and headed up to the hillside just above the beach. Continue reading

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End of March

It’s been a busy two months. I’ve started teaching my photography courses again … which I love … but they don’t leave a lot of time for much else at the moment.

We went to Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire on Sunday and enjoyed a blustery, Spring walk on the beach. It’s a spectacular bit of coast with lots to take in. Continue reading

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A Short Post

I’ve been to Cardiff twice in the last two weeks and I’ve had a lovely visit on both occasions. It rained heavily in the night on my last visit and, when I woke up, I could see the morning sun shining brightly on the buildings in the distance. They looked all the brighter with the previous night’s rainclouds as a background. Luckily, I had my little camera with me to record the scene.

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